ARABELLA | Brinks Arabella 1038

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S: LTD of Brinks 415T282 | D: Ms Brinks Blanda 361W3 | DOB: 30 Jan 2011

Few bulls in the Brangus breed today will combine the degree of soundness, phenotype, fleshing ability, performance, and maternal value that you will find in Arabela. Born in a blizzard and a drought survivor, Arabela has bred cows in New Mexico’s tough environment and is stamping his calves with a design that will work for registered breeders, the show ring, and commercial cattlemen. His balance of performance and proven pedigree make him a versatile sire that can complement your cow herd.


  1. Breeding Tips by Telpara

    Use when looking for a well-rounded, all purpose, practical bull. Arabella is a moderate LTD son, ideal for mating to larger framed females to add functionality.

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