NEW BLOOD | Mr New Blood 50H

$120.00 + GST


S: Connealy Consensus 7229 | D: Ms Carrie 55 | DOB: 15 March 2014


Mr New Blood 50H is a first generation Brangus bull created by Steve Hudgins, of the famous Brahman breeding family behind the “Manso” bloodline.  This is one the first Brangus bulls they have produced and he’s structurally sound and muscular.  His numbers are also very impressive with a low birth weight, +69 Yearling Weight, Top 10% Total Maternal, Top 10% Rib Eye Area and Top 2% IMF/Marbling.

Comprised of the finest Brahman and Angus bull lines available, New Blood is an exciting option for Australian breeders.  We recommend using him over multiple-generation, stable typed Brangus cows.

Australian Brangus Cattle Association details including a 100K DNA profile