MIDDLEMAN | Brinks Sundance “Middleman” 541R264

$60.00 + GST

S: Sundance of Brinks 392G9 | D: Miss Brinks KO 541K18 | DOB: 19 Feb 2005

Notes:  Incredibly functional bull whose progeny stay in good condition no matter the circumstances.  What every commercial cattleman desires most.  It’s worth re-visiting this bull.


Australian Brangus Cattle Association Profile including 50K DNA SNP 












  1. Breeding Tips by Telpara

    Middleman could be the great one that the Americans let slip through their fingers. He was overlooked as a yearling because he had a small slick spot on his head, but he is one of the best muscled bulls you will ever find and held his condition even through drought. He bred just like himself, and his son Telpara Hills Bryan 236D1 could have been his twin.

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