PASSPORT | CB Passport 803Y11

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S: CB Hombre 541T3 | D: Ms Brinks Lambert 803T6 | DOB: 28 Sept 2011

  • Widely used US$80,000 sire that combines Hombre and Lambert (sold out), two of the most popular sires in the USA.
  • Sires calves with pelent of muscle, eye appeal and uniformity
  • Need to select females with sound temperament for him.
  • Works very well for producting Ultrablacks or more Angus-style calves.
  • Proven earning potential.
  • Sire of Telpara Hills Big Winner 541K74, Telpara Hills Cash In 675K3, Telpara Hills Miss Passport 675K ($19,000),  Oaks High Steaks, Suhn’s Out Cross, Oaks Destiny


International Brangus Breeders Profile

Australian Brangus Cattle Association Profile- DNA is on file and calves can be registered



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  1. Breeding Tips by Telpara

    Corrects flat muscled animals with too much frame, giving them muscle and maternal traits. Do not stack temperament against him.

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