Telpara Global Genetics is a sister company to Telpara Hills, Australia’s leading Brangus seedstock stud.  Behind the cattle and the computer is our family of passionate, progressive and visionary farmers.

We are not like other semen companies.  Telpara Global Genetics “walk the walk”.  We sell sires and embryos that we use ourselves.  We know the cattle because we are the ones working them.  Our family has learned through success and failure what works and will never stop working to improve.


We, at Telpara Global Genetics offer an unmatched level of advice and knowledge. If you wish, we would be happy to speak with you and learn about your herd and operation.  Let us make recommendations specific to your needs so that we can help you achieve your goals.  Contact Us



You Order (call/email) -> TGG confirms details  and invoices -> You pay -> We confirm & Order is sent


We advise ordering by contacting us directly.  Call Fiona on 0439774309.  Do not order via the website please.


Details for payment will be included on your invoice via Electronic Funds Transfer.  Please contact Fiona if you have any questions.


Where From?

Our main storage facilities are at our home farm on the Atherton Tablelands near Cairns, QLD or at Beef Breeding Services in Rockhampton, QLD.

Where To?

We also routinely ship to most cattle semen suppliers in Australia (and beyond) or directly to your farm.  If you have arranged for a local contractor to conduct your AI program for you, they often have their own tanks which we can ship to.

What In?

Cattle semen and embryos must be stored and shipped in specially designed liquid nitrogen canisters.  Although they must be handled with care, TGG and partners do this routinely and will recommend the best method of transport based on your order.

Who is Responsible?

Just like live animals, we can facilitate shipping but ultimately it is the customer’s responsibility.  Insurance is recommended but optional.

Please Remember:

We are not computers, but a family business run by farmers who would rather be outside than behind a computer.  We may not respond immediately, but if you do not hear from us within 24 hours please give us a call.

Not Sure? Have Questions?

Call us.  Email.  Stop by.  We are always happy to help.