VAN DAMME | Telpara Hills Van Damme 541H30

$150.00 + GST

S: GR Swift 209W3 | D: Telpara Hills Miss Csonka 541D9 | DOB: 13 Nov 2012

Australia’s $110,000 super sire. Serious claim to be the best Brangus bull in the world for his time.

Breeding Suggestions

When to use:

  • When you want to add excellence to your breeding program
  • Add power, growth, style and maternal qualities

Why Van Damme?

  • The most exciting sire to ever come out of Australia
  • Rare opportunity to access record-breaking genetics
  • Outstanding EBVs on almost every trait


We’ve searched the world for the best genetics, brought them to Australia, tested them in harsh conditions and bred a bull that is ready to take on the world.

Van Damme is the bull that everyone will remember.  Van Damme made headlines when he sold for $110,000, almost tripling the previous sale record for an Australian Brangus bull.

He has it all.

Van Damme’s true story is that of his mother, Telpara Hills’ famous donor 541D9.  We have found that time and time again the true greatness of a bull lies in the strength of his maternal lines.  They are the best indicator of how the bull will breed and if he breeds like his dam, the results will be phenomenal.

Telpara Hills 541D9 caught the attention of anyone who sees her, whether they are a respected cattleman or new to the industry.  She clearly is a beautiful cow and is impressive in every way.  541D9 first made international headlines when she made history by selling a single embryo flush to the USA for $22,000.  The buyers chose to mate her to Swift, a moderate bull designed for carcase excellence.  Van Damme’s full sisters were clear standouts when we saw them at The Oaks Farms, Georgia USA.  

 Owned in partnership with Mal & Sue Burston of Brookston Waygu


Australian Brangus Cattle Association Profile including 100K DNA SNP














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    It’s hard to write a comment on Van Damme because there is too much to say. He is the best of the best, bred from the best, destined to sire the best.

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