REAL McCOY | Telpara Hills Real McCoy 920J19

$150.00 + GST

S: MC Real Deal 920J19 | D: Ms 38 Center Ranch 920/M1 | DOB: 25 Aug 2013

Real McCoy is the $50,000 ½ share bull that was Australia’s best kept secret.  This weapon will blow your socks off.  All-around performer.  Gentle. Outcross pedigree.

Breeding Suggestions

When to use:

  • Use him on your best cows to stack excellence, to improve your lesser cows
  • Add all around functionality and style
  • When you won’t settle for anything less than the best.

Why Real McCoy?

  • The choice for across the board breeding.  He will improve almost any cow.
  • Real McCoy is the top animals in the AU breed for performance in 2015 traits
  • His dam is the most successful cow in AU history
  • Extremely well built.  Glides effortlessly like a cat.
  • Perfect outcross to Csonka bloodlines
  • Top of the breed EBV figures
  • Gentle temperament.  You can scratch him all over, even though he’s never been show broken.


Real McCoy is the $100,000 ($50,000 ½ share) bull that everybody has been talking about.  He gained many admirers from all over the world when we displayed him at Beef 2015 and is now one of the only AU Brangus sires to be used in the USA and beyond.

This super-sound sire is promising in every way.  The bull himself is incredibly attractive from the ground up to his gun-barrel back and moves with the stealth of a cat.  His EBV data is at the top of the breed in Australia and is poised to skyrocket in the IBBA system as his progeny is recorded.  An added and important bonus is his very pleasant temperament.  

Real McCoy’s dam is the most successful cow that has been used in Australia.  She has bred numerous record breakers and high-achievers including the $20,000 ½ share full sister to Real McCoy from Beef 2015, Gladstone our lead bull at Beef 2012, the former record holding $16,000 female that sold as a calf at Beef 2009 and the Telpara Hills female that was cloned by Oaklands.  This cow knows how to produce good ones.

We really liked his sire Real Deal and have used him heavily in our herd, as well as a son SCC Dealmaker.  He also is from an outstanding dam, which boosts our confidence in how any sire will breed.  We invite you to come to Telpara Hills to see his calves.

Semen is available for export to other countries including the USA.  Please contact TGG for more information and international pricing.  USA semen is also available through American Marketing Service.

Actual Measurements of Real McCoy:

  • 260 days – 518kg
  • 444 days – 740kg
  • 607 days – 896kg

Scrotal: 20  Jan 2015 – 41cm (16 Months of Age)

Ultrasound Scan 2 May 2015 (20 Months of Age)

  • Rump Fat 13mm
  • Rib Fat 8mm
  • Eye Muscle Area – 125cm2
  • IMF – 6.2%

 Owned in partnership with CPR Brangus


Australian Brangus Cattle Association Profile including 50K DNA profle










  1. Breeding Tips by Telpara

    The best two bulls in the TGG lineup (maybe anywhere) are Real McCoy and Van Damme.
    Van Damme is pure power but Real McCoy is more of an all-round performer.

    His sire is one of the best we’ve ever used and his dam will be remembered as one of the greatest breeding matrons in Brangus history. We have 100% confidence in this bull.

    Real McCoy’s first calf crop is exciting. He has great calving ease, growth and phenotype.

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