BRAZILE | Brazile of Brinks 535U13

$30.00 + GST


S: Griese of Brinks 803R27 | D: Miss Brinks Geronimo 535K14 | DOB: 18 Feb 2008

Great outcross to Csonka lines. Capable of producing top stud-quality sires, such as Hoover of Majestik 535Z4.  Telpara Hills purchased a Brazile granddaughter, 607C4 in 2016 for US$25,000.  Make sure to look at the photo of his dam, Miss Brinks Geronimo 535K14. 

Great Milk, Scrotal, and Carcase EPDs.





  1. Breeding Tips by Telpara

    An older bull that is worth re-visiting.

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