GRANITE | Mound Creek Granite 834B

$100.00 + GST

S: MC Boulder 889Z14 | D: MC Ms 778 Traveler 834Z | DOB: 25 Jan 2014


  • Granite has plenty of Brangus character, but he’s actually 2nd generation 28% Brahman content Brangus (which could be called Brangus or Ultrablack).  Ideal for higher Brahman content females.
  • His numbers are impressive too.  He is a true “curve bender” with great IMF/Marbling.
  • Good temperament.
  • Granite has “Foundation” status at the ABCA, which makes his calves eligible for full registration if they also have foundation or registered status.  Official Explanation of Registration Rules

International Brangus Breeders Profile

Australian Brangus Cattle Association Profile- DNA is on file and calves can be registered










  1. Breeding Tips by Telpara

    Granite’s early calves looked promising when inspected in the USA.

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