DEALMAKER | Southern Dealmaker 468W40

$150.00 + GST

ONLY 6 STRAWS LEFT- RARE- $150 per straw which includes one registration.  Additional registrations can be purchased for $150/calf.

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S: MC Real Deal 541R3 | D: Miss Brinks BS 607L11 468S78 | DOB: 20 Dec 2009

Dealmaker is a bull that we at Telpara Hills are re-using.

Super-stylish bull that combines the power of his sire with the finesse and predictability of his outstanding dam.

Time and time again we see that the dam of a sire is one of the best predictors of the way he will breed.  Dealmaker’s dam is a phenomenal cow, a direct descendant of the famous 468L and 468G15 cows. His maternal sisters are standouts at Telpara Hills and were purchased by impressed visitors to the farm at a very young age.  His 3/4 sister, Telpara Hills Miss Real Deal 15K is the highest-selling AU Brangus female ever, selling for $45,000.  Sons have sold for $30,000.

Southern Cattle Company mated this female to the impressive MC Real Deal 541R3 and the result was a young bull that made headlines and sold for half-share US$40,000 as only a yearling.

When we toured through hundreds of calves at Southern Cattle Company, Real Deal calves were the standout back in 2010 and have been hugely successfully in our herd in Australia.  SCC Dealmaker 468W40 himself is one of the most popular sires in Australia, selling out of semen stocks but now restocked.  Hurry as he is selling fast.

Outstanding growth EPDs.


  1. Breeding Tips by Telpara

    Dealmaker is a true cattleman’s bull (or cattlewoman). He’s an all-rounder which can be used over most females and excellent choice over Csonka bloodlines.

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