S: Lambert of Brinks 317R3 | D: Ms Brinks Brightside 209L11 | DOB: 20 Sept 2011

Breeding Suggestions

When to use:

  • When looking to add marbling
  • To add growth, bone and muscle
  • Ideal for heifers, a calving-ease sire

Why New Vision?

  • Proven sire in the USA, sire of multiple sale toppers
  • Great alternative to his sire, Lambert of Brinks (now sold out in Australia)
  • Sire of Hollywood of Salacoa


Big enough but not too big. Just right in stature, New Vision, packs a wallop in his performance numbers. He ranks in the USA’s top 1% Rib Eye Area, 15% marbling, 5% weaning and yearling weights with top 30% scrotal circumference. All of this with a low birth weight.

His dam is a power cow and amoungst active dams in the US Brangus breed, she is the number 3 ranking yearling weight dam, number 3 ranking rib eye dam and number 4 ranking weaning weight dam. His sire, Lambert is the long time reigning marbling sire and is the 3rd ranked marbling (IMF) trait leader.

New Vision is a full brother Whitfield, Swift and Armor. He will consistently sire bone and muscle, which catch the eye of bull buyers. New Vision’s 1/2 interest sold to Clover Ranch at the 2012 Salacoa Valley Bull Sale for $19,000. His first calves are on the ground at SVF and Clover and they are dominant!



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