CADENCE 23S86 | SVF Mr Cadence 23S86

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S: Cadence of Brinks | D: SVF Ms 23M28 | DOB: 20 Oct 2006

Incredible set of performance figures.  Favourable rankings for EVERY trait, which is extremely hard to find.  Breeds similar to Warrior, used heavily in the SVF herd.

His sire Cadence, is one of the all-time legendary bulls of the Brangus breed, siring over 3000 calves.  Most great Brangus trace back to Cadence or Transformer. His dam is a daughter of the great Salacoa Pine Lass 23D2, one of the first beef cattle to be cloned.

Maternal Brother to Eisenhower of Salacoa 23Y69 and full brother to On Task of Salacoa 23Y42.



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