SINGLETARY | Singletary of Brinks 675R

$50.00 + GST

S: Lead Gun of Brinks 222K14 | D: Ms Brinks Uppercut 209N11 | DOB: 15 Jan 2005

Notes:  One of the best selling sires of all time.  Sons and daughters have tremendous eye-appeal and performance.  Use him while you still can!  3/4 Related to Csonka.

Make sure to check out his USA data.  Singletary is ranked in the top 15% for Yearling Weight, REA (muscling) and IMF (marbling) and top 10% for Scrotal.

Australian Brangus Cattle Association Profile including 50K DNA profile



  1. Breeding Tips by Telpara

    Singletary is a 3/4 brother to Csonka. He was perhaps more attractive and sold for much more money. Worth another look.

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