Introducing Telpara Global Genetics

Determined to be different, Telpara Hills has established a new Brangus genetics company, Telpara Global Genetics, aka TGG which will offer semen and embryos backed by the knowledge, advice and service that the stud is known for.

TGG will source it’s genetics from the USA and within Australia and plan to create opportunities to exchange genetics between the two countries.  By working with American Marketing Services (AMS), TGG will be able to carefully select only the genetics that are desirable in Australian conditions and make them available to Australian breeders.

TGG will still retain its strong successful working relationship with ABS Australia and will continue to market bulls such as Csonka, Singletary, Hombre, Dealmaker, Distinction etc.  All new semen in the TGG inventory will also be available through the current ABS network.

“Choosing new genetics should not be a game of chance. Breeders need to be able to work with others and make informed decisions on the merits of AI sires in order for us all to push the breed forward with better cattle” claims long time stud breeder Trevor Pearce of Telpara Hills.

Telpara Hills has had years of involvement in the selection and importation of semen and embryos from their elite USA Texas based herd. The Pearce family has developed long standing relationships with leading studs and has travelled extensively through the USA communicating with bull owners and Brangus breeders. Part of the success at Telpara Hills has been the information they have been armed with on how best to utilise a sire. They have been asked by other Australian breeders why their bulls/females average so highly compared to others’ with US based genetics. The answer is simple as stated by Stephen Pearce “We have gained the knowledge how to best utilise these sires to achieve the best results. Now we are excited to pass this information through TGG”.

The other unique feature of TGG is that neither Telpara Hills nor AMS are solely semen re-sellers, but are both heavily involved in other facets of their respective countries’ stud stock industries. Telpara Hills, in particular has a business model totally committed to the production and sale of Brangus elite genetics in bulls, females, semen and embryos. AMS has high profile former Camp Cooley Ranch and Ultimate Genetics personnel with long standing stud stock experience and is the largest marketer of Brangus stud stock in the USA. Stephen Pearce of Telpara Hills said that this large mass of intellectual knowledge is a huge plus for clients who now do not have to rely solely on catalogue write-ups and bull photos compiled by semen companies. Due to Telpara Hills actually using most of the AI sires they sell, they are able to offer expert, informed, honest appraisals of bulls breeding strengths and weaknesses within both their Australian and USA herds. Clients can actually inspect progeny at Telpara Hills or view photos of progeny at any time before choosing an AI sire.

In Australia TGG will have semen outlets established along the eastern seaboard from Albury, NSW to Atherton, QLD to enable easy and efficient delivery of genetics for stud and commercial breeders. They will distribute through Beef Breeding Services in Rockhampton or Brisbane, Telpara Hills, Atherton and ABS Australia.

TGG is truly going to be a global genetic company with the movement of genetic material not only into Australia but also exporting semen/embryos from Australia back to the USA and the rest of the world. Telpara Hills is an export accredited embryo collection centre and is qualified to collect embryos for Australian Brangus breeders to access new markets globally. TGG and Telpara Hills will work very closely together in producing the latest genetic embryos and providing updated embryo offerings to clients on request.

Running embryo transfer and AI programmes themselves, Telpara Hills is also critically aware of the importance of customer service. “We aim to get your semen to you on time” said Fiona Pearce who handles TGG distribution. “We will go that extra mile to ensure you are using the best genetics suited to the Australian cattle industry and keep you updated with information on new bulls arriving. Many Brangus breeders have already developed relationships with Telpara Hills and TGG will continue developing those relationships.”

With exciting new genomic measurements being developed in the leading USA herds, TGG will be at the forefront in securing industry changing genetics to the world through AMS in the near future. Stephen Pearce of Telpara Hills claims “AI is our fast track to genetic improvement and benchmarking and therefore TGG will be bringing only top class genetics IN to get top performance OUT for clients”

Please contact Stephen Pearce 0439532132 or Fiona Pearce 0439774309 of TGG to join our mailing list for upcoming information on new genetics to arrive in the spring.

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